For many people massage may seem as too much of a luxury to have. Or you only think of it when you have injured your back etc. But it has so many benefits as you will see as we go along. For example when certain members of the royal family gains a few pounds they have a massage every day instead of every second day. So when you read about all of your favourite film stars losing weight, remember they are having massage regularly to break down fat, to improve metabolism and to help digestion. There is no one who cannot benefit from Ki-Massage.

With stress becoming more evident in every day life, the need to take care of ourselves is becoming much more important - taking exercise, watching your diet, massage, relaxation and spending time doing what you enjoy most. The amazing thing is that, if we were responsible for our own health totally and there were no hospitals, drugs or VHI to take care of our problems, we would be sick less often! In reality you are responsible for yourself and if you constantly keep going against life it will return your "compliment". With so many people suffering from back and neck strain due to tension or poor muscle tone all businesses are recommended exercise for staff and regular massage. Many companies have massage for their staff to remove the tension.

Massage History

Massage itself has a written history spanning five thousand years and has influenced all the world in great civilisations. From the beginning man rubbed his spoons for therapy, mothers caressed their children for comfort.

The earliest book on massage is written as far back as 3000 B.C.

Ki-Massage was developed in Ireland by the Irish Health Culture Association and today is the leading organisation training many therapists who are highly qualified and has to go through a very strict training programme, to meet the standards of the association. There is a Ki-Massage therapist practically in every town in Ireland and many who are working abroad.

In Ki-Massage you can experience the feeling of deep relaxation, which allows you to withdraw from everyday stress and come back to face life with new energy. This has an extraordinary effect on your health and mental well being, when repeated over a period of time it brings about an outlook which helps everything go better. Massage is both relaxing and invigorating, it stimulates circulation in a natural way and helps stop you getting up-tight.

As I said there are many businesses and sports stars who have massages every day and even bring their own personal masseurs on tour with them. Massage is used by doctors and osteopaths, naturopaths, healers and so on being good for stiff necks, sore backs, sprains and aching feet, arthritis and depression among many other things.

Healing Energy

It gets the healing energy flowing in the body as a whole and in the sick and injured part. This is particularly beneficial to elderly people for those who are sick or in-capacitated. Even in normal people there are areas of sluggish circulation not effected by exercise, which massage will benefit directly.

A good Masseur or Masseuse must develop the ability to relax completely - absorb him or herself in the work so to bring about a proper state of relaxation in the client. On having a massage you would see why this ability of the Masseur has been traditionally held in high regard.

Benefits of Massage

A weekly massage will make you a lot healthier and here are a list of the benefits of massage:

1. Increased blood supply to the joints.

2. Produces muscular relaxation.

3. Prevents fibrosis elethisians in muscles and decreases the tendency to muscular atrophy.

4. Blood is attracted from internal parts.

5. Nerves that are stimulated are soothed.

6. Nutrition is increased.

7. Effluent matter or waste is removed more quickly.

8. It also helps to remove cellulite by a special programme which we developed.

Holistic health in general is perhaps the best of the health trends. Developed in Ireland recently, it is only a matter of time before it gains full acceptance in all medical circles and far too many people have discovered its benefits to let it die off - it is here to stay.

Ki-Massage brings a sense of well being that is impossible to stimulate through drugs or other artificial means, and to be part of this health revolution to improve life in itself is wonderful.

So what I would suggest is: If you are on a serious programme of getting healthier I would suggest you have a regular massage. For those who never had a Ki-massage I would suggest you have a back and shoulder and neck massage, just to let go of the tensions you may have, and when you get into it a little more you will begin to realise it should be a part of your life, as it is in many companies in France, Sweden and Germany. It is just taken for granted to get your weekly massage.


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