22 DEC

Dave Brown breaks Guinness World Record

It has been a week of little sleep, a week of history in the making, a week of planning and adapting. This week I was working with musician Dave Browne , who broke the guinness world record for the longest guitar playing session ever, which now stands at 114 hours 20 minutes. Thats right, 114 hours 20 minutes! An amazing feat, no doubt you will say, but what has this to do with fitness? Well actually a huge amount, like anyone with a goal,Dave has proven with the right preparation, hard work, correct planning and adaptation, anyone can achieve anything that they put their mind to. This tale of success started 8 weeks ago , when Dave walked into our gym in Dublin.... We sat down and discussed what he was looking to do, break the world record of 103 hours for playing the guitar. I assessed his fitness background, health, injuries and lifestyle. I took his measurements, weight and did a basic fitness test, consisting of some cardiovascular work on a treadmill, bike and cross trainer combined with some light weights, just one set and that was it. Needless to say there was work to be done, but I was assured by Dave that he would give it his all, listen to the advice given and follow it to a tee. As a reader you can learn so much from this: no matter what the goal is ,what you are attempting to do, you must start at the beginning. By assessing where you are at the start, you give yourself benchmarks to work from, goals can be set and motivation can be kept high as you achieve these goals. No matter what your starting point is, the only way is up!! You need to find your faults, find the weak points in your plan and work on them, why work on your strengths if you haven’t improved your weaknesses? It is like a house built on weak foundations. Once we identified Dave’s weak points, we needed to put together a plan. A person with a plan will run rings around one without one. No matter what your event, you must plan towards it. Dave’s plan for the 8 weeks was simply this: 2 sessions in the gym with myself, doing hard weights sessions to strengthen the weak points in his body that might give him trouble during the attempt: his back, shoulders, core and forearms. We also worked on his muscular endurance, keeping the reps high and doing 3 sets of exercises. Then in his own time, I asked Dave to do 3 cardiovascular sessions a week, either walking, running or swimming. These sessions,combined with the weight workouts , would help to burn off the calories and aid weight loss as well as improving fitness levels. Just like any long distance endurance event, you need to build up your endurance. This event was no different, over the 8 weeks I built Dave’s playing time up to 60 hours continous. We gradually built this up over the 8 week timeframe, an essential component to any endurance event. If you build up your distance too quickly, then you risk injury or illness. If your goal is a 5k run or an ironman triathlon, you must build it up slowly! Slow and steady wins the race as they say. With regards to nutrition, for the 8 weeks my advice for Dave was the same as I give to you in this column, cut the white carbohydrates out, replace them with brown. Reduce your sugar intake in foods, reduce the chocolate and crisps intake , reduce the alcohol intake, especially beers and ciders as these contain the most yeast and sugar, leading to the bloated pregnant stomach syndrome. These were the simple guidelines, nothing more, the combination of the 3 elements: diet, resistance training and cardiovascular work yielded great results, Dave lost 2 stone in the 8 weeks, losing 7 inches off his waist alone. This is proof that simple changes work, there were no fad diets here, just hard work and improving his diet, the same principles that I always promote in this column, are you inspired yet? In the build up to the starting day, more carbohydrates were introduced to increase the glycogen stores , just like carboloading for a big event. Carboloading results in increased energy stores, just like filling up the tank of a car. For the event the nutritional plan was simple, a main nutrient dense meal every 8 hours, full of slow release carbodrates. Inbetween these meals we used simple sugars such as jellybabies and some other energy dense foods like chocolate, muffins and fruit. In any endurance event that you do, food plays such a critical part, especially at the beginning of an event, when many people skip meals, you should be ensuring to eat plenty of foods. Another mistake many people make is that they mix sugary drinks and sugary foods, this counter acts the effects of the sugar, leaving you basically no better off than you were. Always mix water and your sugary fuel, then your sugary drink on its own. We also used diaoralyte every 24 hours to ensure that there was plenty of salts/ elecrolytes in the body, to enable the body to function properly and avoid dehydration. No matter how hard you train for a race, there will always be a curveball somewhere along the line, the longer the event the greater the chance that there might be one. In Dave’s case the curveball came 98 hours in , when we discovered that the record was actually 113 hours. All along we had trained to break a 103 hour record, and now he had to play 10 hours more at least. The lesson to be learnt here, is that once you have put in the work, once you have a great team of people behind you , there is always an extra 10% there, you just have to dig deep, stay focused on your goal and keep on going. Imagine running a marathon and finding out you had an extra 10 miles to go!! But if you trained properly, if you had fuelled properly, you know that you can keep on going! And keep on going he did, breaking the record to a packed temple bar pub! This story is a tale of hard work, fitness, motivation, support and endurance. In times when we need positivity, sometimes you have to make your own, here you have proof that no matter what you want to achieve, no matter what your goal, IS FEIDER LINN!

18 DEC

New website launched

I am delighted to announce that my new improved website is up and running. With more articles and recipies, an even better online shop and easier to navigate, this website is the start of change and imporvements at Karl Henry Personal Training. Aiming to offer an even better service, even better results and even more products ,its going to be a great 2012!!

18 NOV

Lanzarote bootcamp results!

I have just returned from a week in Lanzarote with one of my clients, great weather and a beauliful country!The training consisted of running, cycling, mountain biking, surfing, gym work, stretching ,yoga and hiking. Combining healthy food with 5 hours training per day, the results were supurb, 13 pounds of weight loss in just 7 days! 


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