Personal Training Package

We will get you into the best shape of your life, building a plan to suit you and pushing you in your sessions to ensure you are getting the best out of your training time. From just one session per week we aim do deliver results that last. After a free initial meeting we will create a nutrition and exercise plan for you and get you started. We aim to educate you on how to get fit, healthy and toned during your sessions, so that as well as getting fit you are also learning about health at the same time.

All the cardiovascular work is done in your own time, with the sessions consisting of a mix of free weights, resistance work, pilates, yoga, kick boxing and body resistance exercises. All our sessions are different ,pushing your body to change quickly as it never gets time to adapt to a set routine.

Our personal training can be done in your home or in our gym in pembroke st, the cost is the exact same. Our workouts are a result of years of experience, working with different body types, body shapes and different goals in mind.

Are you ready to get into your best shape ever? Then give us a call and let us start you on your way.

Karl Henry : Personal Training

Group training:

We also cater for groups big and small, from 2 to 50 people and can create workouts to suit your goals. We can organise group sessions in our gym in pembroke st, your office or any location that suits you.We can also cater the sessions to the groups needs, from yoga to running, pilates to kick boxing and everything inbetween.

Intensive training block:

Have you left it too late to get in shape for an event? Fear not as we also have an intensive workout package to get you in your best shape from 1 to 2 week packages. With a full nutritional plan and hard exercise routines we can get you in shape quickly and safely.

Packages differ on a personal basis as we build the package around you. As always we can train in your home or in our gym in pembroke st,our west cork centre or in any location around the globe. These are extremely tough yet very rewarding weeks, weightloss can be from 7-14 lbs. Such impressive results come from hard work and a healthy diet,in line with our mission statement.

Marathon and triathlon training packages:

We can build packages to suit your training needs and to get you over the line in your best time! We have experience in many areas and use experts in their field to help us put together the best training plan for you if it is an event that we don't have the knowledge for.


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